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The Four Personality Temperaments

Kate discusses the four personality temperaments of children: choleric, sanguine, melancholic, and phlegmatic. She explains these temperaments are innate and can greatly influence a child’s behaviour. Understanding these temperaments can help parents tailor their approach to their child’s unique needs and strengths, fostering a more positive and effective parenting experience.

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4:38 The Choleric Temperament

8:17 The Sanguine Temperament

10:35 The Melancholic Temperament

12:48 The Phlegmatic Temperament

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More on Kates Book

What is the best thing about parenting? The joy that our children bring us.

The worst thing? Sometimes we just don’t know what makes them tick.

Parenting can be a tough gig, as every child is unique. Identifying the personality types of both you and your offspring can give you insights that will change your life – and your children’s lives!

In Who Is This Monster (or Treasure) In My House?, Kate shares her forty years of coaching experience – in business, schools and parenting workshops, and through raising her own two ‘monsters’ – to explain and teach you how to recognise your children’s innate personality gifts and treasures.

Using humour, facts and fun, she shares the personality tools that provide you with a new understanding and knowledge about the personalities in your household. Solutions and helpful hints build skills and resilience that will help you solve the ‘monster’ moments and connect with your ‘treasures’ more than ever before.

Start your personality journey now – you won’t be disappointed.

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