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“Talking About Marketing”: A Treasure Trove of Knowledge for Marketers as 2023 Winds Down

As 2024 approaches, the “Talking About Marketing” podcast on the Auscast Network offers invaluable insights. Hosts Steve Davis and David Olney have prepared a special bonus episode. It’s packed with recommendations and reflections, ideal for marketers gearing up for the new year.

Top Book Recommendations

Firstly, the hosts share their top 5 books of 2023. These selections promise to inspire and guide marketers. Titles like “The Expectation Effect” by David Robson and Marilee Adams’s “Change Your Questions Change Your Life” feature prominently. They provide fresh perspectives on growth. Also, biographies such as “Oscar: A Life” by Matthew Sturgis add a historical angle. Moreover, specific books like Dave Mattson’s “You Can’t Teach A Kid To Ride A Bike At A Seminar” and “This Is Marketing” by Seth Godin offer practical insights.

Additionally, David and Steve suggest further reads. David recommends “The Book of the Courtier” by Baldassare Castiglione and “Feeling and Knowing” by Antonio Damasio. These delve into psychology’s relevance in marketing. Steve’s picks, including “The Status Game” by Will Storr, explore consumer behavior.

Leading Marketing Blogs of 2023

Subsequently, the episode highlights the top 5 blog posts of the year. These include practical tips on using LinkedIn effectively and the power of odd-numbered lists in blog titles. A unique piece on ChatGPT’s application in marketing also features. Each blog post reflects the dynamic nature of digital promotion.

Popular Marketing Podcast Episodes

Furthermore, the episode lists the most popular “Talking About Marketing” episodes of 2023. Episodes like “The Road Less Stupid” and “Understanding The Meganet” blend strategic thinking with tech trends. Others, such as “Belonging To The Brand” and “Finding Your Story To Tell,” emphasize the power of storytelling in marketing. Additionally, episodes addressing challenges in digital marketing, like “Social Media And The Shareworthy Case Of Digital Fatigue,” are highlighted.

As we leave 2023 behind, this bonus episode of “Talking About Marketing” serves as more than just a recap. It is a guide for what to read, learn, and listen to in the coming year. Steve Davis and David Olney provide a curated list of resources, ensuring that marketers step into 2024 informed and inspired. Here’s to a year of enriched learning and innovative promotional strategies!

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