Hong Kong Confidential – Personal stories and secrets

Jules Hannaford interviews people from Hong Kong about their lives, personal journeys and secrets.

Guests share their wisdom, experiences and insights with the audience. To support, click Patreon and buy some merchandise below!


Hong Kong Confidential is a podcast hosted by Jules Hannaford on the Auscast Network. The show focuses on the political and social issues currently affecting Hong Kong, with a specific focus on the ongoing protests and pro-democracy movement in the territory. Hannaford conducts interviews with activists, politicians, and experts on the situation in Hong Kong to provide a deep understanding of the complex issues at play. The podcast also covers the broader historical and cultural context of the region, as well as the implications of the ongoing events for the rest of the world. Hong Kong Confidential aims to be a comprehensive and informative source for those interested in staying informed about the latest developments in Hong Kong.