Functional impairments persist in Achilles tendinopathy

This is an interesting study from the Delaware tendinopathy group among others investigating a host of structural, tissue property, functional and pain factors that may persist among people with Achilles tendinopathy making a return to running.

Provides guidance to clinicians about potential impairments to consider assessing.


Here’s the link to the study:

Corrigan, P., Hornsby, S., Pohlig, R.T., Willy, R.W., Cortes, D.H. and Silbernagel, K.G., 2022. Tendon loading in runners with Achilles tendinopathy: Relations to pain, structure, and function during return‐to‐sport. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports.

Here’s the link to my upcoming course series in the UK in Sept: