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Best Team Mates are back with Bath pics, Broadview Barnacles, QLD Furries + more

Massive news! We’re all back in the studio together!

A huge show – We take a team photo, Jarrod sends bath pics of himself, Rosie made a terrible coffee, Matt’s Pallets, Matty gives an update on the Broadview Barnacles, Ted Lasso, John Wick, Andy watching sport, Furries in Queensland, Jarrod hosting a pet show, Myspace, Rosie and group chats, using Messenger to communicate only, Jarrod’s meet and greet, Jarrod gets a ‘good looking dude’ reply in a work email, homelessness auction and Jarrod signing autographs, Dad-life for Matty, Jarrod shat in the shower, non-alcoholic beers, who are the target demographics for non-alcoholic beers?

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*Explicit language warning

Listen below

More on Furries..

Every week, on the picturesque banks of Brisbane’s South Bank, a peculiar gathering takes place. In this unconventional rendezvous, individuals adorned with oversized animal heads convene, creating an extraordinary spectacle. The South Bank Fur Meet stands as a sanctuary for those who may deem themselves shy or socially awkward, providing a much-needed haven.

This unique gathering specifically caters to those who identify as “furries,” inviting them to congregate, not only to socialize amongst themselves but also to entertain onlookers. Within this group, many individuals wrestle with social anxiety, and this event serves as a liberating outlet, allowing them to assume an alternative persona and fully embrace their true selves.

With a membership of over 60 participants, the South Bank Fur Meet has established itself as a regular Tuesday evening affair. According to Callam Walter, the event’s organizer, a significant number of attendees seek solace in this furry community to overcome their social anxieties.

“A furry is someone who finds solace in portraying themselves as an animal rather than as a human being,” Walter elucidates. “For many individuals within our group, donning these elaborate costumes grants them the freedom to express their inner selves. It provides a safe space where they can authentically be themselves, shielded from the judgments of others.”

In the enchanting realm of the South Bank Fur Meet, one can wholeheartedly embrace their identity, and the beauty lies in the fact that their true essence remains shrouded beneath the whimsical façade.

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