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Tsundoku is the Japanese word for that pile of books beside your bed that just keeps on growing. It’s the sign of a reader whose book appetite is greater than the time they have to do all that reading!

If you can’t resist a good story and want to devour as many books as you can, if you are filled with curiosity about new books, and get great joy discussing old favourites, if books have warmed your life and taken you places you may never visit, put you in the shoes of people you will never meet, then Tsundoku is the podcast for you.

Tsundoku brings readers and authors together in celebration of the written word, presenting in-depth conversations with contemporary authors, critical conversations about revered classics, and moments shared with lifelong readers.

The podcast is the creation of four highly skilled arts and journalism professionals, who all have a love for radio that nearly eclipses their love for books.

Annie Hastwell, Catherine Kenneally, Michaela Andreyev and Sarah Martin share hosting Tsundoku, each bringing their unique perspective and curiosity to a podcast that is all about the joy of reading.

We know the thrill of buying yet another new book, and the comfort that a large pile of them next to the bed brings. If you need a guide on what to read first, listen to Tsundoku; a review of the greatest new books and the classics you’d almost forgotten.

Tsundoku launches with a 10-episode series, with an episode released each fortnight on Mondays through AusCast Network, with Tsundoku 1 available from Monday 2 May, 2022.

We’d love to tell you more, hear about your authors, and discover your Tsundoku. Please send enquiries to:

Tsundoku (pron: Zun-doh-khoo)
It’s Japanese for the pile of books beside your bed.

Producers: Sarah Martin, Cath Kenneally, Michaela Andreyev, Annie Hastwell Follow us:



When you listen to Tsundoku, you’re in good hands. It’s produced by four voracious readers, lovers of books across all genres, media professionals and radio afficionados, so you can expect not only curious and interesting conversations, but also an audio experience that is thoroughly enjoyable.

Colour picture of a smiling Annie Hastwell

Annie Hastwell comes from a long line of obsessed readers – her great grandmother went into family legend for her habit of reading into the night with a candle balanced on her chest. Annie has carved a career around storytelling as a journalist, radio presenter and creator of audio features and documentaries. She is fascinated by the craft and magic of writing and has rarely missed an opportunity to quiz an author on air about what they have written and how they write.

Cath Keneally sitting and looking to the left smiling

After decades presenting a national books program, interviewing hundreds of authors, hosting countless Writers Week sessions, judging book awards of all varieties, book reviewing, getting her own books published and collecting creative writing degrees and haunting libraries and bookshops, Cath Kenneally’s house would collapse without its book-walls. Her motto is still: Read On.

Michaela Andreyev sitting smiling wearing a black and white top

For over 30 years Michaela Andreyev has been finding good stories and sharing them with others as a book publisher and an ABC Radio Producer. Michaela is currently the principal of The Story Keeper; a life story interview service designed to capture the history, memories and wisdom of our loved ones for family, friends and the generations to come. Tsundoku is her way of honouring the books she fully intends to continue piling up beside her bed!

Sarah Martin colour headshot standing in front of a pool

Sarah Martin used to sneak out at night to find a sliver of light so she could keep reading her favourite books. Those tales drove a passion for travel and new experiences that has never gone away. Her love of stories ultimately led her to journalism and radio where, as a current affairs producer and arts journalist, she has cornered every author, raconteur and storyteller that has crossed her path. And still, not a night ends without reading at least a page or two before the lights go out.