aftermath of a bomb has exploded in a village in Ukraine

Hyper Realist Bombs 5 – A Russian Thunder Run to Kyiv?

Battle of Bakhmut and Future Economic Trends..

Strategikon is back in 2023 and we are kicking off the year with Round 5 of the Hyper Realist Bombs series. Our good friend Rhoderick Miller returns to the podcast to discuss the latest developments from the Russia / Ukraine conflict, from his hyper realist perspective.

John, David and Rhoderick discuss the present state of the Russian military, including whether it’s military production is struggling to keep up with the demands of the conflict, as well as the current situation in the eastern Ukraine city of Bakhmut and Russia’s likely next step.

They also analyse the current and future trends of the post – covid global economy, as many countries attempt to fill a manufacturing void left by China.

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This podcast is produced by Michael Migali for SAGE International Australia.

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