Brad Ebert: From Sherrin to Shiraz

Brad Ebert is a well-known Port Adelaide and South Australian footballer who comes from a long line of talented athletes.

Craig Ebert, his father, played over 100 games for Port Adelaide, and Russell Ebert, his uncle, won four Magarey Medals and three premierships for the club. Brett Ebert, Brad’s father’s cousin, also won a Magarey Medal for Port Adelaide and played in the Australian Football League for the club.

But Brad’s athletic ability does not come from his father’s side of the family. His mother, Christine Obst, is the daughter of Port Adelaide legend Trevor Obst, who won the Magarey Medal and played in four premierships for the club. Trevor Obst’s father, Ken Obst, also played in three Port Adelaide premierships. Christine’s cousin, Peter Obst, won six premierships for Port Adelaide, and his son, Andrew Obst, also played for Port Adelaide and the Melbourne Football Club in Victoria.

Not content with his achievements on the field, football player Brad Ebert has turned to another passion – winemaking. Brad has formed Hey Diddle Wines with his former teammate and Power Captain, Tom Jonas.

Brad and Tom are passionate about storytelling, history, and connection, and their wine reflects that. They have collaborated with Ben Chipman (Chippy) to create some of the most interesting and sought-after wines from the Barossa region, employing different grape varieties and modern techniques to create a fresh and funky brand. Hey Diddle Wines is more than just a wine; it is the culmination of a pipe dream, a passion for their families, the Barossa region, and the sport they both enjoy.

Press play below and listen to Brad’s journey.



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