Adventures in Paris in “My Sweet Guillotine”

When Jayne Tuttle fell in love with Paris she had no idea its quaint charm would be
indirectly responsible for almost killing her.

In her first Paris memoir “Paris Or Die” we
meet her as a young aspiring actor dizzy with the joy of life in the City of Light. Her new
memoir “My Sweet Guillotine” confronts and explores the terrifying incident that changed
her Paris existence and her whole life’s direction.
Have 20th century women writers been given the recognition they deserve? Make up
your own mind as Goodwood Books owner, Sarah Tooth, takes Tsundoku on a tour of
the shelves of her newly opened shop. You won’t find a book written by a man, but you
may find writing gems that have been overlooked.

Jayne Tuttle, author of “Paris or Die” and “My Sweet Guillotine”
Sarah Tooth, book collector and owner of Goodwood Books
Our Random reader: Eve

Eve has enjoyed
Catch 22 – Joseph Heller
Under Milk Wood – Dylan Thomas
And she enjoys reading crime fiction by …Gary Disher, Devla Tiernan, Anne Cleeves and Chris Hammer

Music composed by Quentin Grant 


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Jayne Tuttle

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