Cristelle Capitani Autism Horses Australia standing with 3 Horses

ICYMI: Harnessing the Healing Power of Horses: The Journey of Autism Horses Australia

In a heartwarming episode of ‘The Off The Track Initiative‘, host Katye Moran introduces us to Cristelle Capitani, the innovative mind behind Autism Horses Australia. Based in Western Australia, Cristelle’s journey began with a simple yet profound observation: the unique bond between her autistic son and an off-the-track thoroughbred.

The Genesis of a Unique Program

Cristelle’s revelation came through witnessing the positive effects horses had on her son. This insight led her to create Autism Horses Australia, a program designed specifically for children with special needs. Cristelle’s approach isn’t just innovative; it’s personal. As a mother of an autistic child, she understands the challenges and the joys these children face daily.

The Essence of the Program

Autism Horses Australia isn’t a conventional therapy program. It’s a thoughtful blend of compassion, understanding, and the therapeutic power of horses. Cristelle’s program utilises off-the-track thoroughbreds, offering them a new purpose while aiding children in their development. This synergy between child and horse is at the heart of her initiative.

Understanding Autism and the Role of Horses

During the podcast, Cristelle delves into the complexities of autism. She explains that it is a neurological disorder characterized by challenges in repetitive behaviors, social functioning, and communication. These challenges vary in severity, making each case unique. In this light, Cristelle’s program isn’t just about riding; it’s about connection and understanding. The sensory experience of being with horses can be profoundly therapeutic for children on the spectrum.

Safety and Expertise at the Forefront

Cristelle emphasizes safety and expertise in her program. She collaborates with trainers and experts in natural horsemanship and liberty to ensure a safe and effective environment. The horses undergo a six-month training program to prepare them for their new role, ensuring a safe and nurturing space for the children.

Impact and Transformation of Autism Horses Australia

The impact of Autism Horses Australia is evident in the children’s development. The program aids in their everyday functioning, enabling them to complete tasks independently. This approach offers more than traditional therapies; it brings joy, confidence, and a sense of accomplishment to these children.

Cristelle Capitani’s Autism Horses Australia is more than a therapy program; it’s a testament to the healing power of empathy and connection. By uniting special needs children with off-the-track thoroughbreds, Cristelle has created a sanctuary of growth and understanding. Her story, shared on ‘The Off The Track Initiative’, is not just inspirational; it’s a beacon of hope and innovation in the world of special needs therapy.

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