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Image of someone in marketing with a ipad pressing it and lts of marketing logos are in the air

New Better Best

David and Steve ponder the challenges we all face when the marketplace is full of businesses and media working overtime to be “novel”.

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Two hands showing what Vikings disease is

What is Vikings Disease?

In the 16th century, a curse was foretold about the Scottish MacCrimmon clan that they would cease to be the official (bag) pipers of the chiefs of the Clan MacLeod and would be forced to leave the Isle of Skye forever.

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To Sell Is Human

Not everybody feels comfortable “selling”. In fact, most of us feel darn right uncomfortable at the thought of “working someone” so you can get them where you want them.

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Empathy: Where Sex Meets Science Fiction

In this episode of The Adelaide Show with Steve Davis, we explore the creation of worlds within science fiction with Fay Lee, author of Empathy, and Matthew R Davis, literary horror author, in a conversation recorded at the launch of

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