Nate Max TV – Open Your Mind

Nate Max TV is a podcast dedicated to enlightening and empowering people. Nate, a dedicated activist with a colourful past, hosts the podcast, which is all about opening your mind to alternative solutions and breaking free from anything that is detrimental to your life. Nate uses inspiring conversations to share his own experiences and lessons in order to help others overcome their fears, trauma, and disempowering mindsets and reclaim their limitless potential. The guests on Nate’s show are game changers and change-makers who are passionate about activism, well-being, and personal growth. Nate’s extensive activism background is reflected in his work, which includes more than 6 years of organising seminars, sound journeys, meditation classes, group gatherings, podcasts, Facebook lives, protests, and sweat lodges and ceremonies.

He has also worked with Native American Indians and Australian Aboriginal elders to learn about the land’s lore and pass it down to the next generation. Nate’s other interest is free energy concepts, which he has been researching for many years. His car and bus are both hydrogen-powered, and he lives completely off-grid in his motor home. More information is available on his website,, and you can subscribe to the Nate Max TV podcast on all good apps.