The Middle Way – Theatre Audio Series

South Australian Playwrights Theatre presents:


by Lucy Combe

Meet SUV driving, Finnish Spitz owning, mother of twins, Phillipa. Daughter, Kat’s mental health requires intensive monitoring, husband Hugh’s ego needs constant stroking and she is forever reminded of her estranged Evangelical mother, Rayleen. Along comes Marcus, a devout born-again Buddhist, who brings with him the promise of new beginnings – if only her past would stop getting in the way.

The Middle Way explores the identities we create for ourselves and those put upon us; how the events of the past ricochet for years to come and the eternal pull of spiritual practices. The stage play launched to critical acclaim in 2019, is published through Australian Plays and is now being retold as an audio series over four parts.

South Australian Playwrights Theatre is committed to producing original stories over a range of mediums, and is thrilled to be producing
The Middle Way as its next audio instalment. So, sit back or multitask and enjoy the ride!

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