Quieten the Chatter with Tea

Mel Patching works at the Plantation Tea Room in Hong Kong and she shares the joys and benefits of drinking tea. We discuss how tea can teach us the art of being in the here and now and can help us to really see, feel and listen with purpose. We explore the rituals of tea drinking in different cultures and how it can be a meditative and grounding way to improve our well-being and calm the mind. Mel shares how drinking tea can help us discover the art and listening and be a safe haven in times of isolation or uncertainty. This is heartwarming and inspiring interview with a beautiful soul.


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Pic: https://www.instagram.com/lets.have.tea/

Plantation Tea Room: https://plantation.hk/

Mel's Instagram: https://instagram.com/lets.have.tea?igshid=ty2ihxcak83i

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