Living through Auschwitz to Flourish over 100 years

Eddie Jaku is a German Jew who has lived a glorious 100 years and is still going strong. Born in 1920, by the time Eddie was 18, his homeland was a very different country than when he was born. On November 10th 1938 Eddie Jaku was arrested, beaten, and taken to a concentration camp before eventually being taken to Auschwitz, the deadliest camp of the Holocaust. By virtue of some miracles, Eddie managed to survive and escape, before getting married and moving to Australia where he has lived out many prosperous years with his family. Eddie has written a memoir titled "The Happiest Man on Earth", and with a book title like that, David and I knew we had to talk to him.

We are joined in the real and virtual studios by Jess Fruend and Luke from the Blind Insights Family.


If you wish to know more about the Holocaust and Jewish History in Australia, visit the Sydney Jewish Museum website or make the trip to see the extensive collection.

The Piano Piece in this clip is Nocturne in C Sharp Minor, a piece composed by Chopin and famously played by Polish Pianist Władysław Szpilman, as featured in the 2002 Polanski film The Pianist. Playing this piece to the audience of an SS officer, Captain Wilm Hosenfield, saved Szpilman's life in 1944, as Hosenfield not only let Szpilman go but provided him with food and warmth over several occassions.

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