Research Report: Grand Games in the Indo-Pacific

In this past year, Sage International Australia has produced a report titled; "The Strategic Implication of Changing Dynamics & Regional Partnerships on Major Power Competition in Indo-Pacific" authored by Dr John Bruni, David James Olney, Prof. Purnendra C. Jain, Dr Jonathan Z. Ludwig, & CDRE Patrick J. Tyrrell OBE RN (Ret'd).

Emeritus Professor Purnendra Jain joins John, David & Tim to discuss SIA's report on the power dynamics of the Indo-Pacific & its recommendations.


To read the report - CLICK HERE.



What is SAGE International?

Dr. John Bruni is Founder and CEO of SAGE International Australia (SIA), an Adelaide-based private think tank specialising in the analysis of foreign policy, international and national security issues in Australia's 'defence state' of South Australia (SA). Est. in 2008, and partners of the Swiss Centre for Security Studies (CSS), ETH Zurich, we are the only institution of its type in SA and STRATEGIKON, created in 2016, is the podcast of SIA.