Photo by Jefferson Santos

Australian Cyber Security: Story from the Trenches feat. Cynch Security

It is a scary world out there in the cyber-universe, and while we have covered many of the public sector concerns from a political level, what are the threats facing every Australian from citizens to business owners? Cynch Security is a cybersecurity service for small business, and are at the forefront of the cyber-fitness, or indeed, lack thereof in the Australian community. Joining John, David, and Tim on STRATEGIKON to discuss the practical and real circumstances facing every Australian at the cyber front is Susie and Tim of Cynch Security. Susie, the CEO of Cynch, and Adam, the Chief Technological Officer, are leading experts in the field of cybersecurity with years in experience with a variety of public and private entities of diverse size. This episode of STRATEGIKON makes it abundantly clear just how at risk we are, and yet, provides some pragmatic discourse toward a more secure future in the virtual spaces we create.


Learn more about Cynch Security, their work in communicating the importance of these issues, and their services here.