Blind Insights: The Power of Words (Special guest Steve Davis)

Blind Insights: The Power of Words (Special guest Steve Davis)

With speech and language dominating most of our communication, it is quite fun to ponder just how significant words can be in our lives. Steve Davis of radio and marketing fame, joins David, comms student and master wordsmith, and Tim, a loquacious student of English, to tangentially pontificate the efficacious lexicons available to specifically elicit desired outcomes in interpersonal relations. Or, in other words, three men have a prolonged chat about the wonders of speaking and writing. One may critique this description for being sesquipedalian (using for using long words unnecessarily), to which we retort by highlighting the irony of such a label.

Discover more of Steve's words through his podcast The Adelaide Show, or find his work with Talked About Marketing.

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Kesta Fleming: Marlow Brown - Scientist in the Making

Kesta Fleming reads aloud from her debut chapter book 'Marlow Brown - Scientist in the Making' and our student reviewer Liv gives us her rating of this book.  

Plus, our regular recommender Rebecca provides her insights on Marlow Brown.

In Tracey's tip, Tracey discusses practices that impact reading motivation and the important role of the teacher in helping students find 'that' book.




Nean McKenzie gives us a taste of 'Cryptosight'

Nean McKenzie is a children's writer and optometrist who lives in western Melbourne with her husband and two teenage children. Originally from Bendigo, Nean lived in New Zealand, Europe and North East Africa before returning to Victoria.

She has a Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing from RMIT. In 2012 she was shortlisted for a Penguin Varuna Scholarship. In 2016 she was awarded a Maurice Saxby Mentorship for Cryptosight, which is her first published novel.

Nean chats to Tracey and reads aloud from her debut novel 'Cryptosight' and our student reviewer Liv gives us her rating of this book.  Plus, our regular recommender Rebecca provides her insights on Naan's new novel.

Also, In Tracey's tip, Tracey discusses practices that impact reading motivation.


Writers Read by LiTracey - getting THAT book in children's hands.

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"Here’s to Brutality" (Editing and Publishing Live!)

From big structural issues to hooks and semicolons, and everything in-between ... the Word Docs are all over it. Together, Amy, Sean and Alex have edited a lot and been edited even more. In this episode the docs become surgeons, unpacking the editorial process in forensic detail. 




Word Docs Podcast Recap

Alex, Amy and Sean (aka Dr Alex Vickery-Howe, Dr Amy T Matthews and Dr Sean Williams)
are professional writers who also lecture full-time at Flinders University, South Australia.
They’ve joined forces to cover topics of interest to new writers in a lively, conversational
style that frequently segues to areas far from where they started. If you’ve ever wondered
what writers talk about beyond the lecture theatre or festival circuit, here’s your chance to
find out.


"Warts and All" (Living with Art and Artist)

This week, our intrepid Word Docs dig down into the relationship between writers and their words. Can you separate the fiction on the page from the reality of its wider context? Which matters more, the message of the author or the impact of the work? And what happens when your favourite creator turns out to be an appalling human? Join Amy T. Matthews, Sean Williams and a particularly hyper Alex Vickery-Howe as they unpack that thorny relationship between story and storyteller. 


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What Did the ’80s Bring Us? (Coping with the Unexpected)

There’s no getting around the fact that we live in strange and difficult times, from a global pandemic to a ‘Leader of the Free World’ who refuses to concede defeat ––  but, never fear, the Word Docs are here to provide their remedies! Join Amy, Alex and Sean as they unpack the ups and downs of creating new work and telling new stories in the midst of isolation and upheaval. For Sean, it’s about chocolate. For Alex, it’s about Moscato. For Amy, it’s about finding a room without a random relative in it. Every decade has its challenges, and its lessons...now is the perfect time to reflect on where we've been and plan ahead for the tales of tomorrow. 


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