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  • Q (Query) Fever | The Abbatoir Ailment & Coxiella Burnetti

    In the 1930s, outbreaks of a mysterious febrile illness occurred with abattoir workers in Queensland in Australia.

  • Steve Davis

    Cricket umpire, snooker player, and jazz musician are all titles I’d love to have associated with my name but in my case I can primarily claim four:

    • marketing consultant
    • speaker
    • journalist
    • radio announcer

    I’m part of this podcast because even though I have spent the past 15 years as a marketer and keynote speaker, radio has remained in my blood; I was warned it would when I started at 5MU shortly out of high school.

    Steve Davis on radio and podcasting

    I love that communicating through sound alone is a restriction that can prompt presenters and listeners to use their imaginations.

    Sadly, I find the majestic medium of radio too drab and predictable these days, which is why I became an avid podcast listener back in 2006 and hardly ever listen to broadcast media these days.

    I realise I have just raised the bar for our podcast by making these comments public but that is no different than Peter Goers writing a review of one of my Adelaide Fringe productions in the early 90s only to have his own productions critiqued by me years later for Five AA.

    Such is life, especially in our beloved Adelaide.

    The other lives of Steve Davis

    In my day job, I run Talked About Marketing where I work with organisations to develop better marketing content, present workshops on social media and communication, deliver keynote speeches, and help nurture (or produce) effective writing.

    I also head up Baristador Coffee, a small, top-shelf coffee service for espresso aficionados in Australia, especially those drinkers who like double roast and seek out FLAVOUR ahead of CAFFEINE. You can read more about it and even join our next group roasting here.

    Apart from following our podcast on twitter, you are welcome to follow my personal account @stevedavis through which I comment on wine, coffee, marketing, Adelaide, skepticism, and parenting – although not necessarily in that order.

    Experience my skills in..

  • This Medical Life

    Welcome to the This Medical Life podcast. Our mission is to share stories about the triumphs and tragedies of diseases and illnesses from ancient times up until what we know today.

  • Tim Whiffen

    Tim Whiffen is a producer dealing in all aspects of Podcasting and Audio Production, including music composition, recording, imaging, editing, writing, and hosting.

    Tim Whiffen is a qualified Media Maker, with years of experience in broadcast radio, film making, composing, and voice acting. With a strong background in community and commercial radio. Tim has had formal training through University, The Community Media Training organisation, and Australian Radio School, as well as many hours of informal training from industry leaders and experts. Tim has produced many hours of highly edited audio, and directed over 1000 hours of specialised radio programming. Further, Tim has produced several hundreds of podcasts in both commercial and personal capacities, involving prominent activists, authors, politicians and academics. Tim's involvement in the commercial podcast space has ranged from collaborations with the Department of Defence, Australian National University, SA Health, and the Australian Institute for Machine Learning, and many more.

    His extensive experience has involved managing teams of hosts, interviewing high profile artists, intellectuals, celebrities, and meticulously assembling soundscapes. He has worked with public and private entities, following industry guidelines and standards, providing content across multiple genres, and appealing to multiple audiences.

    Having regard to the more technical side of audio, Tim’s proficiency with recording equipment and workstations has seen his productions used by schools, bands, and commercial media entities. He has worked to briefs, produced audio alone, and produced as part of multidisciplinary teams.

    As a producer at the Auscast Network, he is available to provide a full range of services in all aspects of audio media.

    Tim Whiffen and The Auscast Network are affiliated with a full range of professionals in the related fields of Audio Production, Marketing, Digital and Broadcast Media, and Journalism.

    The aforementioned depth of experience and expertise allows Tim Whiffen to provide sound professional advice and, he is committed to providing personal service at all times so that clients receive objective, professional service, designed to suit their individual needs.

    Experience my skills in..


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