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Meet South Australian Playwrights Theatre's new company chair

Some incredible news coming out of the arts scene in Adelaide. We'll let South Australian...

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Jeremy Cordeaux: A Life on Radio

Jeremy Cordeaux is an accomplished broadcaster who has worked in the radio industry for nearly 60...

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  • Andrew Theoklitos and Michael Peterson: "Concave Journey”

    A brand that is in the land of sharks and doing big big things. Jake Barker-Daish is joined by 2/3 founders of Concave Football, these guys make you want to run through a wall after every conversation with them. A unique brand that goes against the grain, not only are they expanding across Australia with AFL & NRL stars representing the brand but Concave now have operations across Asia and Europe with plans of going to the next level.



  • Awer Mabil

    Awer's footballing passion started as a young boy with his parents in a Kenyan refugee camp. After settling in Australia, Mabil utilised this natural ability, signing for local A-League side Adelaide United, and becoming one of the club's youngest debutants at 17 years and 118 days.

    In 2015, Mabil secured a move to Europe, creating a home in Denmark with Danish champions FC Midtjylland.

    In 2020, he played a telling role in Midtjylland’s title-winning campaign as they won their first championship since his arrival.

    He then lived out his lifelong dream of playing in the UEFA Champions League, where the Danish club were drawn alongside Liverpool, Ajax and Atalanta.

    Best Socceroos moment:

    Mabil came on as a substitute in Australia's 4-0 victory over Kuwait in October 2018, scoring a goal on debut. However, the match was remembered for Mabil and childhood friend Thomas Deng, both refugees from South Sudan, making their international debuts in the same match.

    A-League connection:

    Between 2012-2015, Mabil became one of the league's most prolific wingers with hometown club Adelaide United.

    Experience my skills in..

  • Fahid BK & Rashid Mahazi: Football in Australia

    At times its hard to understand that the three of us are best mates given all the debate and arguments we share, however, we all share a passion on football in this country and how we believe some key areas of change could support the growth of our game and the A-League overall. Fahid Ben Khalfallah and Rashid Mahazi have seen it all in this country and we speak candidly on the game today and where we would like to see it go!!

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  • The Nest: AS LOW AS WE CAN GO

    The horror show against the Swans has left us analysing plenty - where are we at as a list? How big is the challenge for the coach? Is the premiership window still open? We discuss it all plus some potential high profile axings for the North game and somehow update the Nest Medal - keep your heads up Eagles fans!



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