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  • #CariaCares - Digital Strategist

    Learn the profit-making steps with digital strategies that turn online visitors into customers.

  • Caria Watt

    I can help you take the profit-making actionable steps, using digital strategies that turn more website visitors and social media followers into customers. What you do online drives results offline. I help make the process seam easy, saving you time (and money).

    ⬆ Tap [...] and click 'Follow' ⬆ I post consistent content on strategy, marketing, business, social media, and topics that can increase your influence... online⚡ I share the most effective and efficient strategies that work over the long-term.

    I fell in love with digital whilst working in some of the toughest contracting gigs in Corporate Affairs, Corporate PR and Marketing and Communications, where I've utilised learning about digital and SEO. This included content marketing, distribution, optimisation strategies, marketing, promotion, paid ads, SEO, keyword research, website planning and development, and all aspects of business growth.

    What I'm really passionate about is helping you be seen as the leading expert and driving customer retention to build a profitable and stable business.

    Whether you’re the owner of an existing business or a personal brand, I can help you build a powerful online presence, and turn your website visitors and social media followers into customers.

    I host a business podcast, '#CariaCares - Digital Strategist' on Auscast Network, iTunes, Tunein, Stitcher, Google Play, and Spotify to help your website rank higher on Google search. As well as produce professional podcasts for others.

    I have also launched a monthly series 'The Digital Optimisation' that covers behind the scenes stories and lessons learnt on digital processes, with positive and negative impacts on business.

    Oh and you can sometimes see me on TV.

    Key strengths
    ★ A sharp analytical mind and problem solver who thinks laterally and strategically
    ★ An outgoing personality with the ability to be diplomatic and tactful
    ★ Expert communication skills – able to build relationships on all levels, adapt style to audience
    ★ Ability to influence, build trust and negotiate
    ★ Pride in work accomplished, strong personal integrity and loyalty

    Experience my skills in..

  • Sneaky Brand Marketing tricks

    Sneaky Brand Marketing tricks can be so clever, we don't even notice them. Here are 5 clever but sneaky brand marketing things you can do for your own business. You just have to think outside the square!

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    #CariaCares Podcast cover digital and social media tips to help your website rank higher on Google search.


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    MUSIC: Music created by Sweet Tides by Latisha & 5050-Wholesome by Kevin McLeod (huge love to these guys)

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    Who is behind #CariaCares - Digital Strategist?

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