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Meet South Australian Playwrights Theatre's new company chair

Some incredible news coming out of the arts scene in Adelaide. We'll let South Australian...

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Jeremy Cordeaux: A Life on Radio

Jeremy Cordeaux is an accomplished broadcaster who has worked in the radio industry for nearly 60...

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  • #CariaCares - Digital Strategist

    Learn the profit-making steps with digital strategies that turn online visitors into customers.

  • All things PR

    This is a podcast full of tips tricks and techniques that are aimed to get you media coverage on television, radio, print and podcasts.

  • Andrew Downs, Founder of The Sage Group - Power of Collaboration

    Andrew Downs, Founder of The Sage Group. Sage Automation specialises in industrial automation and control solutions. The Sage Group is a global group with a team of 450 people across three continents, 13 offices and 5 companies. This all started from Andrew’s backyard shed 27 years ago.


  • Andrew Theoklitos and Michael Peterson: "Concave Journey”

    A brand that is in the land of sharks and doing big big things. Jake Barker-Daish is joined by 2/3 founders of Concave Football, these guys make you want to run through a wall after every conversation with them. A unique brand that goes against the grain, not only are they expanding across Australia with AFL & NRL stars representing the brand but Concave now have operations across Asia and Europe with plans of going to the next level.



  • Auscast Business

    Our best business related podcasts in one place!


  • Auscast Business Extra

    All the extra bits from our best business related podcasts in one place!

  • Brad Ebert: From Sherrin to Shiraz

    Brad Ebert farewelled a stellar AFL Career after 260 games with the Port Adelaide and West Coast Eagles Football Clubs. His reputation is remarkable and he is known for his passion, work ethic and humility. His next journey is in winemaking and alongside his former team mate and Power Captain, Tom Jonas - they have created Hey Diddle Wines. With a passion for storytelling, history and connection. This is more than just a wine.



    Cover photo by Cinematic Events

    Instagram - @heydiddlewines

    Website -

    Facebook -

    First Drop Wines –

    Instagram - @firstdropwines

    Facebook - @firstdropwines

    Jarrod Walsh –

    Instagram - @walshjarrod

    Facebook - @jarrodwalshmc

  • Encore Entrepreneurs

    Is it time for your second act?

    A podcast that offers entrepreneurs help, tips techniques, hope and a sense of comfort through a series of interviews with people who have been there and done that.

  • I Made This

    If you've ever seen someone doing something amazing and wondered how they got there, this is the place for you.

  • Incredible Adventures in Marketing

    Are you ready to venture into the Perilous Depths of Online Marketing? 

  • Kelly Jamieson of Edible Blooms: The Power of Collaboration

    Founder and Managing Director of Edible Blooms, Kelly Jamieson built an e-commerce business with perishable products that turned over $1m plus in its first year being 16 years ago.  Partnerships, culture and collaboration have been key to the growth of the business, in addition to the right business model, marketing (customer acquisition) and customer engagement, and being at the forefront utilising technology.  Kelly shares her strategies to success including the 90% rule.  This is an amazing story, proudly a South Australian success.

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  • Lewis Spears: The consummate professional behind the 'Spears' brand

    By dying, Prince Phillip helped sell out comedian Lewis Spears' last week of his Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) show. Morbid, yes. But also, totally on brand. And totally orchestrated. Yes, mainstream media, like the Daily Mail who called Spears a monster, was played by this true professional. 

    In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast interview, host Steve Davis delves deep into the business mind behind the 'Spears brand', finds out what it takes to build a following of over half a million subscribers, why every show finishes with debrief and not a beer, and how ultimately to succeed in stand-up comedy today, it takes a team effort.

    If you're in the comedy scene and know 'someone' who is incredible at stand-up, but just not doing very well, then this is the podcast interview they need to hear. Comedian Lewis Spears succinctly puts the 'business' into 'show business'. 


    And if you enjoy this interview, then meet the man in person at The Rubber Chicken this June 18. Comedian Lewis Spears is joined by comedians Matt O'Neill and the legendary Chris Wainhouse for the Dark Comedy Special. Tickets are on sale now, so visit

  • LISTEN: Digital Technology Pros and Cons of a Better or Worse Digital Life

    Digital Technology pros and Cons for a better or worse digital life. The most valuable social currency of the digital age is an economy of attention. Everyone has a digital platform to broadcast their opinion on. A single click can open the doors to a lifetime of blogs, podcasts, videos, paintings and the list goes on. This podcast weighs up the pros and cons of digital technology.


    Find out more:

    #CariaCares Podcast cover digital and social media tips to help your website rank higher on Google search.


    Caria Watt on LinkedIn:
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    Caria Watt on Instagram:
    Caria Watt on YouTube:

    MUSIC: Music created by Sweet Tides by Latisha & 5050-Wholesome by Kevin McLeod (huge love to these guys)

  • LISTEN: From Rock Royalty to his own Winery - Tim Smith Wines

    A 25 year overnight success!

    Tim Smith used to work alongside Australian Rock Royalty. Being around the likes of Cold Chisel and Midnight Oil, music was his journey. Soon enough after expecting his first child, he grabbed some casual work at Yalumba, stayed there for almost two decades, and decided it was time for the Tim Smith name (and thumb print) to be on a label.

    Today we are recording inside his brand new winery on the first day of crushing on the new site. It’s been four years of planning, and finally the day has arrived.

    Get an insight into a passionate, hardworking man who loves his wine!


  • Meet South Australian Playwrights Theatre's new company chair

    Some incredible news coming out of the arts scene in Adelaide. We'll let South Australian Playwrights Theatre tell you all about it..

    "It's been a crazy 3.5 years since South Australian Playwrights Theatre's inception. 5 brand new plays presented, our staged readings, audio serials produced with the Auscast Network, Dear Australia monologues through Australian Plays Transform, two documentaries in the editing suite, and tours in the pipeline. And we're only just getting started!
    Therefore, we are thrilled to introduce our new company Chair, the incredible Elena Vereker!
    Elena is an award-winning director and creative producer of large scale, site-specific events, image-based and aerial performance. Elena graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in 1997 and has worked with companies and festivals in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane.
    Elena is a co-founder and Director of Insite Arts supporting the creation and touring of new, ground-breaking work in collaboration with independent, culturally diverse artists from multiple genres, across Australia and to the world. Insite Arts is a small-medium creative producing hub that supports artistic excellence, development and adventure; world-wide exposure and recognition of Australian artists; cross-cultural engagement; and its achievement through professional and sustainable practice.
    In 2018 she established in. Studio + Café as a co-founder, to build a creative workspace and studio in Adelaide.
    You know, and also she's just an awesome fearless warrior to boot! Welcome, Elena - we're thrilled to have you officially on board!!"

    You may have seen the above on South Australian Playwright Theatre's Facebook page, if not - click the link and give them a like, they have and are developing the best writers in Australia, if not the world. We can prove that by sharing with you two of their works in partnership with the Auscast Network.

    Take a listen, click subscribe, flick through a review on your favourite podcast app and that will ensure continued support for this amazing organisation.

    South Australian Playwrights Theatre presents:


    by Matt Hawkins

    Bordertown make-up artist Felicity, heads to Hollywood to become a star. After she starts dating former stand-up comedian, Tyrone Jackson, the paparazzi go wild. Her mother, local hairdresser Patricia is overjoyed, but when the relationship falls apart, all hell breaks loose in a small town obsessed with fame.

    This original stage comedy from the South Australian Playwrights Theatre hit Adelaide by storm in 2019 and is now a podcast series.

    ★★★★ “entertaining and funny” The Clothesline.

    ★★★★ “Fun and feisty” The Adelaide Show Podcast.

    “Engaging…full of dreams and demons” The Advertiser.

    “An absolutely wild ride… memorable characters, some good streaks of humour and a nice sharp barb pierced into the world’s tedious obsession with celebrity.” Samela Harris - The Barefoot Review

    South Australian Playwrights Theatre is committed to producing original stories from a
    broad pool of talented writers, over a range of mediums, and is thrilled to be producing
    Bordertown as the first audio instalment. So, sit back or multitask and enjoy the ride!

    South Australian Playwrights Theatre presents:


    by Lucy Combe

    Meet SUV driving, Finnish Spitz owning, mother of twins, Phillipa. Daughter, Kat’s mental health requires intensive monitoring, husband Hugh’s ego needs constant stroking and she is forever reminded of her estranged Evangelical mother, Rayleen. Along comes Marcus, a devout born-again Buddhist, who brings with him the promise of new beginnings – if only her past would stop getting in the way.

    The Middle Way explores the identities we create for ourselves and those put upon us; how the events of the past ricochet for years to come and the eternal pull of spiritual practices. The stage play launched to critical acclaim in 2019, is published through Australian Plays and is now being retold as an audio series over four parts.

    South Australian Playwrights Theatre is committed to producing original stories over a range of mediums, and is thrilled to be producing
    The Middle Way as its next audio instalment. So, sit back or multitask and enjoy the ride!


  • Natasha Milani

    An expert at helping businesses and business owners harness the power of collaboration to connect, scale and grow.

  • Nick Tolley of Exiis: The Power of Collaboration

    Managing Director of Exiis, Nic Tolley along with his wife Isabel grew Exiis from 6 people to 170 people over the past 10 years. Nick is an instinctive leader, and in this podcast he shares his insights into strategy, leadership and culture.  Nick shares unique case studies about how collaboration with clients and staff have led to significant growth. Nick acknowledges the industrial services industry is unique, and the fact that they clean things that no on else wants to, has provided opportunities and challenges. Nick acquired the business in 2012.

    Listen Below

  • Sneaky Brand Marketing tricks

    Sneaky Brand Marketing tricks can be so clever, we don't even notice them. Here are 5 clever but sneaky brand marketing things you can do for your own business. You just have to think outside the square!

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    #CariaCares Podcast cover digital and social media tips to help your website rank higher on Google search.


    Caria Watt on LinkedIn:
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    Caria Watt on Instagram:
    Caria Watt on YouTube:

    MUSIC: Music created by Sweet Tides by Latisha & 5050-Wholesome by Kevin McLeod (huge love to these guys)

    For More On This Show..

    Who is behind #CariaCares - Digital Strategist?

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  • South Australian Leaders – The Power of Collaboration Podcast

    Welcome to South Australian Leaders. We support Founders and CEO’s in South Australia fast track access to:

    • Knowledge & expertise to support with better decision making;
    • a community of like-minded business leaders; and
    • the resources and funding to enable business growth.

    We are driven by collaboration, engagement and connections to help our members achieve future of growth and new opportunities.  This podcast focuses on the Power of Collaboration. Hosted by Natasha Malani, CEO.

    Listen Below

    Who Is Behind 'South Australian Leaders'?

    Articles Related to 'SA Leaders'

  • Startup&Angels, an entrepreneur podcast

    A global community of startups, entrepreneurs and investors sharing knowledge, networks and opportunities. 

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