Lewis Spears: The consummate professional behind the 'Spears' brand

Lewis Spears: The consummate professional behind the 'Spears' brand

By dying, Prince Phillip helped sell out comedian Lewis Spears' last week of his Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) show. Morbid, yes. But also, totally on brand. And totally orchestrated. Yes, mainstream media, like the Daily Mail who called Spears a monster, was played by this true professional. 

In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast interview, host Steve Davis delves deep into the business mind behind the 'Spears brand', finds out what it takes to build a following of over half a million subscribers, why every show finishes with debrief and not a beer, and how ultimately to succeed in stand-up comedy today, it takes a team effort.

If you're in the comedy scene and know 'someone' who is incredible at stand-up, but just not doing very well, then this is the podcast interview they need to hear. Comedian Lewis Spears succinctly puts the 'business' into 'show business'. 


And if you enjoy this interview, then meet the man in person at The Rubber Chicken this June 18. Comedian Lewis Spears is joined by comedians Matt O'Neill and the legendary Chris Wainhouse for the Dark Comedy Special. Tickets are on sale now, so visit www.therubberchicken.com.au.


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