Charles Firth: Exposing truths and undermining power structures with satire

Six and a half million people a month consume The Chaser's content. That's some seriously sought-after satire! 

In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast episode, host and Chaser fanboy, Steve Davis, chats with The Chaser's, Charles Firth, about creating headlines and the editorial process, adopting your enemy's voice, and how AI is developing a 'sense' of humour.

If you like ruffling features, taking the piss, and dystopian fairy tales, then you'll love this interview with Charles Firth.





Crossing the line and the Art of Happiness

In comedy timing is everything. But when you're a radio host, you manage time like a fine art. So says Sydney based comedian Simon Kennedy, a former radio host and 20 year veteran of stand-up comedy.

In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast episode, host Steve Davis talks to comedian Simon Kennedy about MCing comedy, 'cancel culture', the green-room hypocrisy, empathy, and sadly his mum's passing in the September 11 attacks. Simon also opens up about his own comedy career, his love of competition in comedy, and adapting to Covid-19 with pantless Zoom comedy. Yes, for Simon constraint is the mother of invention.

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ICYMI: Mickey D is one dangerous comedian.

Mickey D, aka Mick Dwyer, was a broke 17 year old when he stepped up on stage at Raw Comedy. Since then, he's toured the world, conquering the UK, and been trained by the SAS. Mick is one dangerous comedian.

In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast, host Steve Davis talks to Mick about how he energises a room, and how being exhausted helped him find his Liverpool voice. You'll also find out whether stand-up comedy is more challenging than training with the SAS, how to be a performer and parent, and advice for up and coming stand-up comedians.


What is the School Of Hard Knock Knocks?

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Creating an Australian sketch comedy national treasure

In 1988 The Comedy Company changed the face of Australian sketch comedy. Kylie Mole, Uncle Arthur, Con the Fruiterer, and Colin Carpenter became part of the Australian lexicon. So too their creators - Mary-Anne Faye, Glenn Robbins, Mark Mitchell and Kym Gyngell, as well as Russell Gilbert, Tim Smith and, the group's founder, Ian McFadyen. You know them as comedy royalty. What you don't know is that it all started with a loaned hammer.

In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast episodes, host Steve Davis interviews The Comedy Company creator, Ian McFadyen, as they name-drop down Australian comedy memory lane. You'll learn how a poorly funded comedy show beat the 800-pound gorilla of the time, 60 Minutes, how the 'writers room' generated ideas, and ultimately learn how serendipity created this national treasure.

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