Greek Wine God George Kasimatis

Georges on Waymouth. There isn’t much more to be said. This incredible restaurant has been one of the most successful dining experiences in Adelaide for almost two decades, and there’s a reason for that. George and his incredible staff have endured the most challenges anyone could face over the past 24 months, but as expected they’ve seen it through to the other side.

George also has an incredible passion for wine. Greek wine. And he owns a business called Byzantine Wine Merchants. During this episode, The Maker and the Drinker learn all there is to know about Greek wine, and you can tell by George’s passion, he knows what he is talking about!



Georges On Waymouth – georgesonwaymouth.com.au

Instagram - @georgesonadelaide


First Drop Wines – firstdropwines.com

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Facebook - @firstdropwines

Jarrod Walsh – jarrodwalsh.com

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Evolution of the Cleantech industry and COVID-19 impact

Brinc is a global incubator focused on Cleantech and clean energy startups. In this episode we are pleased to interview Tuan Lam, Clean Energy & CleanTech Program Director at Brinc. We talk about the evolution of the Cleantech industry for the past few years and the impact of COVID-19 on the industry. Tuan also shares his rich experience as a founder and transformation consultant across Europe, Asia and Australia and the different energy transition approaches depending on the corporate and founder perspectives. We will deep dive into the impact of COVID and the future of the Cleantech sector in our next event, Startup/Angels Sydney #18 on December 2nd 2020. Follow up or register to the Startup/Angels community to stay tuned about the next episodes and event videos publishing!

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An Introduction to Data

Join Liam & data specialist Andrew Andrews as they introduce you to the world of data. 

Australian Open Data https://data.gov.au/
Information is Beautiful https://informationisbeautiful.net/
Covid19 Dashboard John Hopkins University https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html

Music 'Serenity' by Skirk. 



Andrew Andrews Biography September 2020

Andrew started writing computer programs in two languages APL and BASIC on IBM mainframes in the mid seventies at age 14. He is now is a senior business technology executive with over 35 years professional experience, and has started and exited several technology businesses, he has a unique blend of skills and expertise that includes executive management, mobile app development, data warehousing, business intelligence, stakeholder engagement, ICT/Data governance, marketing, media, strategy and entrepreneurship. He has consulted extensively to Government, Not For Profit and Private sector clients across Australia and New Zealand. 

Recently he was the founding Data Governance Manager at the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission(ACCC)/Australian Energy Regulator (AER), and currently leads the SA Branch of Data Management Australia (dama.org.au) and is a member of the national committee. Andrew is passionate about using international data management frameworks like Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBoK) and Data Management Maturity Model (DMM) to assist enterprises and government agencies manage their data more efficiently.

In his volunteer life he has been working in community radio for most of his adult life across various roles of producer/presenter at 3D Radio 93.7Mhz and WOWFM 100.5, cofounder of Dance100, and past chairman of board and life member of Fresh927. For last 6 years he has been a volunteer on the management committee of the Foundation for Hellenic Studies.

Links to his social media accounts and volunteer community interests are found here:


Podcasts and Videos:

Podcast for The Adelaide Show on Data Ethics and Privacy March2020, link here.

Meet the Mentors interview at Start-up Weekend Adelaide 2013, link to video is found here.
Introduction to data podcast episode for the Auscast Network September 2020, link here.

The Power Behind a Digital Audit

The Power Behind a Digital Audit

The Power behind a digital audit can help you work out what is actually working when it comes to your SEO tactics and what you can get rid of.

Caria speaks about the key benefits of why you should get a digital audit for your business to help increase return on investment for your marketing efforts.


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#CariaCares Podcast cover digital and social media tips to help your website rank higher on Google search.


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Identifying your target customers

David Bartholomeusz is a sales killer! Recidivist entrepreneur and coach for startups, his pieces of advice are priceless if you want to learn about how to identify your target customers and how to get quick feedbacks on your product and strategy.

We talked about proven and powerful sales techniques such as “smile and dial”, “10 before 10”, etc…

This episode is a motivation boost, a real coaching session…for free!


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