Uncovering the Sheung Wan Scandal: The Lost Diamonds of Sheung Wan

Tiffany went to Ryder Diamonds in Hong Kong, a locally owned diamond store, looking for a specific diamond. Sally Ryder, the owner, was on an overseas trip at the time of the transaction, so her sales assistants handled it.

Tiffany ended up buying two 5-carat diamonds after the transaction went smoothly. However, not long after the transaction, Sally’s sales assistants informed her that there was an issue with the diamond payment.

When Sally returned from her trip, she discovered that Tiffany had purchased the diamonds with a forged cheque. It had cleared the bank, but the account on which it was drawn was later discovered to be empty, leaving Sally with a substantial loss.

The latest episode of “Fool Me Twice,” a true crime podcast that delves into the mysterious world of diamonds and the diamond industry, is based on this incident. The episode, titled “The Lost Diamonds of Sheung Wan,” goes into detail about Tiffany’s deception. Sally Ryder, the owner of Ryder Diamonds, will share her personal experience and provide insight into how the incident was discovered and handled.

The “Fool Me Twice” podcast seeks to expose the shadier aspects of the diamond industry and to provide an in-depth look at actual diamond-related scams. “The Lost Diamonds of Sheung Wan” is an episode that will keep listeners on the edge of their seats as they learn about the ins and outs of the diamond trade.


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