Uncovering the Shady World of Diamonds: Fool Me Twice Season 2

The new season of podcast “Fool Me Twice” delves into the mysterious world of diamonds and the diamond industry.

Jules and Zara host the show after being approached by a woman in Hong Kong who owns a diamond business. She told an incredible story full of twists and turns that captivated the hosts and piqued their interest in the diamond industry.

The podcast follows the hosts as they try to piece together the story of the scam and uncover the murkier aspects of the diamond trade. They interview a variety of experts and individuals with personal diamond stories throughout the eight-episode series, including people connected to the scam, a diamond miner, and scam experts.

Sally Ryder of Ryder Diamonds is one of the podcast’s most notable interviewees. She offers invaluable insight and knowledge about the diamond industry, and her contribution to the podcast is invaluable in helping listeners understand the trade’s complexities.

“Fool Me Twice” is a true crime podcast that will keep listeners riveted as it uncovers the scandalous side of the diamond industry. Anyone interested in true crime, diamonds, or the inner workings of the global business world should listen to this.

The show’s creators would like to thank all of the voice actors, experts, and storytellers who contributed to this podcast. Their invaluable insights and personal experiences have contributed to the success of this podcast gripping and informative listening experience.


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