a hand showing a sign with chronic fatigue syndrome

ME/CFS – The Forgotten Disease

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

ME/CFS as it’s known.  

The World Health Organisation classified ME/CFS as a disease, not a psychological issue, back in the 1960’s but we still know so little about it.

It’s a complex disabling disease affecting the brain, the muscles, and digestive, immune and cardiac systems. About 60,000 people in Australia are housebound or bed bound from ME/CFS. It’s become the forgotten disease, costing the health system in the country $15.5 Billion annually. The health system has failed those who suffer from ME/CFS but one of the leading voices, and advocates, Emerge Australia, represents the patient voice for this disease and it’s speaking up loudly.

Guest: Anne Wilson, CEPO Emerge Australia


Website https://www.emerge.org.au/

Donate https://www.emerge.org.au/donate/



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