SoulGood Featured Mix: Epic Funk House New York DJ Angelo Scalici

Angelo Scalici’s career began as an open format DJ in 2005, performing in various night clubs in New York City.

Angelo’s interest for music was influenced at a young age by European folk songs and his love for percussion.

It is no question that Angelo’s passion for music depends on big room funky sounds, including genres such as Techno, Deep, Tech and Soulful House. His pure talent and unique rhythm continue to have him featured on artist charts, record pools and radio stations, while he remains consistent in serving out fresh, funky tunes to keep you grooving on the dance floor.

Currently Angelo is releasing with labels such as Zero Urban Records, Housesession, Gotham Grooves, Night Beat Records, Dirty Music, Check-In Recordings, Tumbata, Jango Music, Red Eleven and many more. He has gained support from artists such as Alex Kenji, Vlada Assanin, Fatima Hajji, DJ Dan & Umek, being featured in their podcasts and live sets.

Listen to the full SoulGood episode which includes Angelo Scalici’s featured mix below

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