Mayze X Faria: Elevating the Dancefloor with their Unique Sound

Soulgood with Bill Fragos and Exacta are thrilled to welcome Mayze X Faria to the show for episode 1056.

Mayze X Faria is one of the best Portuguese duos out there, with nearly 20 years of experience in the music industry, travelling through genres such as tech house, melodic house, and house music.
In 2004, Jonh Mayze and Miguel Faria met on a terrace during a summer job in Braga, Portugal. They quickly realised they shared many interests, including a love of music. Today, the duo has performed at some of the best festivals and clubs in Portugal, Spain, and Angola, in addition to releasing songs with international publishers such as Snatch Records, Sweat it Out, and Get Twisted Records.

In 2021 they release a heap of tunes, including the EP “Lady of Love” (Switchlab), “Red Rocks” (Cactunes Records), and “Starlight” feat. BIM (Deep Root Records). These tracks highlight the duo’s signature sound, transporting listeners on a journey where the rhythm is infectious and the tendency is to become addicted from the first to the last beat.

Mayze X Faria is always pushing the envelope, both in terms of production and live performances. They are constantly creating scenes that are full of light and have a transcendent vibe and sonority, and they are looking to expand their international reach. Mayze X Faria‘s next stage of career will have fans all over the world levitate to the sound of their music. 

Listen Below


John Junior, Cosmin Fogoros – Caruso
Darksidevinyl – Code 3
Mijangos – Se Prendio El Cerro
Jo Paciello ft The Kollective – Just The Feeling
Juliet Sikora ft Sarah Bird – Lose Control
Caio Cenci – Somebody Help The Beggar Man
Patrick M, Amal Nemer – Freak Like Me
Funky Green Dogs – Fired Up (Wally Lopez Remix) *SoulGood Selection

Featured Guest: Mayze X Faria
Anyma & CamelPhat – The Sign
Bigfett – Everything Is Energy
Stream Glowal – Love Above
Steand, Andy Kulter – Alba
Kevin de Vries – Dance With Me
The Element MT, Lyke – Fugitive
AEYEM & Lakyn – Reach The Water (Super Flu Remix)
ARTBAT & Argy & Zafrir – Tibet
Mayze X Faria – Garota
Molla ft Kobi Marimi – Amen (Anorre Remix)
Ahmed Spins ft Lizwi – Waves & Wavs

F Mix
Stylo, Vooz Brothers ft Natalie Wamba Berry – Mandala
Jerome Sydenham, Mania Toro – Bango (Dubstrumental)
Eran Hersh, Lohrasp Kansara ft Nika Cole – Forever
&lez – Yber

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