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Tractoring For Women – Thank You Jeremy Clarkson

Welcome to the Adelaide Hills & Fleurieu Farmcast – the monthly podcast where we let you know what we’ve been up to on our farm and on our clients’ farms to help inspire and guide you on what makes sense for you to be doing on your farm or lifestyle property.

In this episode we dive deeper into our Farm Fencing Demo Days to be held on May 12 and 13, right after our Tractoring For Women course on May 11, 2023.

Our special guest for this episode is the star attraction of our Farm Fencing Demo Days, Tim Thompson.

So, join us as we put all our cards on the table and give you a good sense of what’s in store as we try to be the rising tide that lifts all boats for fellow contractors and fellow small acreage farmers and lifestyle farmers in the Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu.

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00:00 Adelaide Hills & Fleurieu Farmcast May 2023 Edition


Tractoring For Women – Thank You Jeremy Clarkson

I snagged the name ‘tractoring’ from the hilarious television series Clarkson’s Farm.

In episode one, Jeremy Clarkson coined the term tractoring and it’s stuck with me!

If you haven’t seen Clarkson’s Farm, you’re missing an absolute treat. Love him or hate him, he has done a wonderful job highlighting farming practices in the UK and the red-tape and archaic laws that farmers have to deal with to get their products to market.

There are 3 seasons and they can be viewed on Amazon Prime.

So, if you’re a little like Jeremy Clarkson and you have ‘truly no idea what to do’, Tractoring For Women is the workshop for you.

We’re going to take you through everything you need to drive your tractor safely, and nothing you don’t. We’ll have at least four different types or brands of tractors on site and with careful planning, we’ll match you up with a tractor similar to what you have at home.

Initially, David Evans will take you through the basics of where everything is on a tractor, prestart checks and what you need to know before driving. David will work with our guest, Alex Thomas, the dynamo behind #plantaseedforsafety and #savealifelistentoyourwife and together they will highlight the risks and how to prevent machinery accidents on farm.

After lunch, its time to get in a tractor for a test drive. You’ll be in the hands of the dealership reps – no one will know their tractors better than them and you’ll learn how to start, stop and drive and to operate the front end loader. You can have a go at moving hay bales with the fork and you’ll learn how to swap between the forks and bucket. We’ll also have a slasher on site so you can learn how to attach three point linkage implements.

It’s going to be a wonderful day – we’re so grateful for the support of our guest speaker, Alex Thomas and the Dealerships that are supplying tractors: Emmetts Oakbank, Ramsay Brothers, G & J East, and ND & JA Giles.

Farm Fencing Demo Days

Friday 12th of May is our Farm Fencing Demo Day specifically for Farm Fencing Contractors. The Saturday 13th of May is for the general public and anyone who wants to learn the fencing basics.

We are so fortunate to have Tim Thompson, the poster boy for Australian fencing and you tube sensation with over 50,000 followers here over the two days and instead of me telling you all about the events, I’m going to let you hear it straight from Tim.

04:10 Farmcast Interview: Tim Thompson

Belle Interviews Tim Thompson ahead of our Farm Fencing Days.

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