A world quest for a religion where women have power in “Holy Woman”

When Pentecostal preacher Louise Omer started to question her devotion to a religion run by men to keep men in power, she decided to break free.

Holy Woman, A Divine Adventure” is the story of her wandering world pilgrimage looking for a religion that lets women share the power.

Music composed by Quentin Grant 

Louise Omer 

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Web – https://www.louiseomer.co

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Louise Omer was a devout Pentecostal preacher and devoted wife. But when her marriage fell apart, so did her faith.

She left behind a church and a home, haunted by questions about what it means to be female in a religion that worships a male God, to ask women all over the world: how can we exist in patriarchal religion? Is it possible for a woman to be holy?

Louise set out on a pilgrimage with $500 in her pocket and the conviction that she was on a divine path, taking her to Mexican basilicas, Swedish cathedrals, Bulgarian mountains, and Moroccan mosques. Holy Woman interrogates modern religion and provides a raw and personal exploration of spiritual life under patriarchy by combining travel writing, feminist theology, and confessional memoir.

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